Talent Acquisition

Talent Acquisition

Improve Quality of Hires

Hire only those candidates who are likely to stay and excel at the role

Avoid cost of mis-hiring

Identify those candidates that have all the right credentials but are unlikely to be positive contributors

Enhance hiring efficiency

Reduce time to fill by interviewing only those who are predicted to succeed

Identify best sources to hire from

Assess performance of hires from various sources to identify those that have the best ROI



Enhance productivity

Identify developmental activities and organizational adjustments needed to enhance productivity of employees

Optimize talent investments

Invest in only those activities that are likely to have a real impact on morale or performance

Reward the workforce effectively

Optimize compensation and incentive programs to effectively motivate the workforce while keeping the cost base low

Onboarding & Engagement

Onboarding & Engagement

Monitor sentiment

Assess sentiment at various levels in the organization in real-time using pulse surveys

Measure team dynamics

Understand and quantify team collaboration and cohesion levels to enable greater teamwork as well as foster innovation

Recognize key individuals through crowd-sourcing

Identify key mentors, influencers and experts through peer-to-peer recognition



Reduce overall attrition levels

Identify key structural and policy changes required to reduce overall attrition

Retain desired talent

Identify and proactively address key concerns of top performers who are predicted to exit

Optimize cost to retain

Optimize compensation and incentive programs to effectively retain the workforce while keeping the cost base low